Thursday, October 31, 2013

Update of MWE Holding - Lighting Unit Sales, Q2 Profit drop 22%

A week ago I wrote about a fundamentally strong company MWE Holding. ( Well, the company background is superb but recently it has sold its lighting units which causes the Q2 profit to drop 22%.

MWE Holding has yet to find a suitable business to boost up their profit. The recent action they took is to invest in KEuro company. If this investment goes well, the company will see an improve in Investing Income. So, if we choose to invest in MWE holding, why not direct invest in KEuro?

For the time being, I have take profit by selling off my shares in MWE Holding. There are some other better stocks to invest for now. :)

Source from The Edge Malaysia:
MWE Holding sold lighting unit

MWE Holding investing in KEuro:

I will be doing a research on KEuro soon. Stay tuned.


Michael said...

Hi there William! Can I guest post on this website!

William Lee said...

Hi, yes sure. Please send me your guest post to

Jr. Williams said...

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