Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Eastern Insurance Plan, Any Good?

Well, I am getting ready to sign up for Great Eastern (GE) insurance for Medical Card plus some other benefits for around RM130-RM150 per month. Personally, I am looking for low commitment insurance plan with wider coverage and I found Great Eastern.

Some of the great things Great Eastern offer:

  • Medical Card
  • Early pay out
  • RM150 Room to stay in hospital
  • Critical illness
  • 36 diseases
  • After paying 30 years (get back almost all the payment paid) 

There are some more which I do not really understand. I think that this insurance is good enough for personal protection. So far, I have not heard of any bad/negative feedback about GE insurance. So, I will go for it.

What is your recommendation? Any suggestions?



Adolph thien said...

Not really, investment from insurance is not guarantee even after 30 years. it a protection plan and insurance do charge a lot for fees. you may get 50% of the invested amount at the 30 year later as it already stated clearly it is not guaranteed. beside that. you still need to paid 10% co-insurance.

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