Friday, February 15, 2013

Defensive Invest for Bursa Malaysia, For The Time Being...

Well, GE is around the corner, everyone is out of the market and waiting for the GE. Personally, I think that it is a good time to buy defensive stocks especially those with high dividends yield preferably 8% per annum or more. My strategy for defensive play is to invest in REITS stock. (What is REITS?)

I have compiled some of my favorite stocks with high dividend yield. You might want to have a look at the list.
This is my favorite REIT stock. It pays high dividend of 9% per annum with the current underlying price of 1.05 per unit. It is a Super Worth buy stock. This AMFIRST stocks with my personal calculation, it is worth 1.25 per unit. Now, it is undervalued.

This is my second favorite stocks. Why not ARREIT, TWRREIT, UOAREIT or HEKTAR? Well, I think the QCAPITA is the most defensive and most stable REITS among all the other listed here. QCAPITA invest in properties and rent properties out for Universities, Colleges, hospitals as well as automobil companies. So, I think that the rental fees are very stable and it can give you great dividends years after years. It is a worth buy! The price of the stock moving upward greater than all other.

MAYBANK is now priced at 8.910 with dividend yield of 7% per annum. IF you are going to invest in banking industry, MAYBANK is a great buy. The year high price is 9.56 per unit and now is selling 8.910 per unit. After GE, when the price move up to 9.00 per unit, you will surely say it is worth buying!

Well, I can only find 3 stocks for high dividend yield stocks. REITS are my favorite. Are you going for REITS?



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