Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bursa Malaysia VS General Election 12th

I am still curios what had happened 5 years ago when the general election was announced and parliament was dissolved. I finally manage to find one very convincing graph to see how the Bursa Malaysia drop during the General Election 12th.

The drop started at the peak on 7th January 2008 until 17th March 2008. A big drop from 1516 points to 1194 points for 2 months. That is a big drop in index of 322 points which is a 22% drop. Then, our market started to climb up after 17th March 2008 and then drop to the lowest point in December 2008. This drop of 17th March 2008 to December 2008 is due instability of global economy. You can check the picture below:

What will happen in this GE13? Is it going to be another big drop or the other way round? No one knows the answer. For now, we can only play safe, invest defensively, pray that what he have in hand do not drop more and pray for a bull run after election.

What do you think?


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