Thursday, February 28, 2013

AIRASIA Fly Sky High after Announce Dividend!

Hi all,
Are you having AIRASIA in hand? I have some though. Yesterday, AIRASIA was up 0.20 and today it was up another 0.05. I think this will continue because it is a major trend change in this stock. Plus, there are some fundamental great news support for AIRASIA. Let have a look.

1. AIRASIA will be giving 20% of their net profit as dividend in the future starting year 2013.
2. This time, dividend is RM0.06 per unit plus special dividend of RM0.18 per unit. Total RM0.24 per unit.
3. This time the dividend is Tax Exempted! This means you get full RM0.24 per unit.
4. Good dividend yield of 7-9% for the stock price ranging from RM2.65 to RM3.05. Nice?

With this good news coming out, the stock price fly up high. Next we look into the future of AIRASIA.

1. AIRASIA is marching into India market. How big is this market?
Malaysia Total Population 28.8 million
India Total Population 1241.5 million

How large is India market? It is 43 TIMES bigger than the market of Malaysia! Imagine the stock price doubled, tripled or quadrupled? It will be way higher than the current stock price!

2. AIRASIA moving into Thailand, Indonesia and Philipines. How big do you think AIRASIA can grow?
I will say it will grow into a GIANT!

With the rapid expansion of AIRASIA into other countries, AIRASIA does not only depend on the business in Malaysia. It will grow into something very big if everything goes as planned. So, this mean as an investor, 20% dividend from net profit will be something very big when the business grow into something GIGANTIC!

Are you interested to buy AIRASIA? Everyone Can Really Fly!!!


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