Friday, December 28, 2012

A Random Trade on Kulim-CF

Hi all,
Today, I did a random trading on Kulim-CF and realize a small gain of 1.74%. Well, it is a random trade so I do not expect to win big though. Why I trade Kulim?
The reason to trade Kulim today is quite simple.
1. Kulim announce 90 cents special dividends
2. Volume of trading increases
3. There are a lot of Buy/Sell activities happening for this stock.

Since I do not want to trade the mother share of Kulim because it is pushed to a price too high that I would not want to buy, so I choose Kulim-CF. I managed to get in at 0.220 and sell out at 0.225.

Well, the time taken for this trade is within 30 minutes. So, I think it is a worth trade.

30 minutes and earn hundred bucks. It is well worth the effort. For now, I do not think it is good to buy in Kulim because overall market sentiment is not as good.

Market Sentiment:
1. Fiscal Cliff problem causes people to stay out of market.
2. Our Bursa Malaysia market has rallied too far and too high. I am expecting a small correction soon.
3. General Election of Malaysia is coming soon.
4. Most top cap stock are now in consolidating condition (AXIATA, DiGi, PBBANK etc.)

So, since the market is now as good. We will keep some cash and wait for the market mood to turn good.


CK TAN said...

I just wonder how do you calculate intrinsic value.

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