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Top 10 Stocks Invesment Apps for iPhone (Chart, News and Quotes Apps) Bursa Malaysia

Mobile lifestyle has integrate into our life and it slowly become a large part of our life. Well, in terms of stock investment, apps of mobile phones play an important roles for us to monitor our stocks, make decision for stocks trading as well as charting and news.

Personally, I amusing Apple iPhone 4 and I found some very useful and powerful apps in the AppStore that enable me to closely monitor my stocks. Those apps are Free (some of them can be upgraded by paying merely $0.99-$1.99) but the information and data are invaluable for investors. The price is merely in the range of a plate of Kolomee or ChaKuehTiao. So, it is quite worth to buy those apps.

Top 10 Apps for Stocks Investment on iPhone (Chart, News and Quotes)

1. Stocks (Apple iPhone original Apps)

Stocks Apps iPhone
Apple iPhone's original stocks apps is a great apps to track and monitor stock price. It is free and it comes with every iOS. The only drawback of the Stocks apps is that the quotes are delayed by 20 minutes from the real time quotes. So, we cannot see the real time prices of the stocks but it is still good to use as a reference to monitor stock prices.

How to add Bursa Malaysia Stocks to iPhone Stocks Apps
Adding Bursa Malaysia stocks to the Stocks apps is quite easy. All you need to do is to press on the "i" button in the apps then press "+". Key in the stock of Bursa Malaysia by typing the ticker numbers of the stocks. Example: Stock Name:AIRASIA Ticker:6888 - So, you type in "6888.kl" and press "Search". The related stocks will appear and you can add it into the Stocks apps.

2. StockChart

StockChart Apps iPhoneStockChart is a very powerful apps to see charts using technical indicators. This apps is created by Son Thuy Pham and it is placed under "Finance" categories. StockChart has free and paid version. The paid version is only $1.99. For me, I think that it is worth it to buy this apps. With StockChart Free version, we can use technical indicator such as ADX, Bollinger Bands, MFI, MACD, RSI, Volume, EMA and SMA.

If you upgrade to the paid version, you can use more indicator such as Parabolic SAR which is a very useful indicator to see trend. I will talk about this technical inicator soon. It is a powerful complement to our Momentum Acceleration Point trading techniques.

3. Stock Charts News/Quote
Stock Charts News/Quote Apps iPhone
This apps is created by 13apps which is placed under the "Finance" categories. This apps enable you to see stock charts using additional technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, W%R, MFI, Stochastics, Rate of Change (ROC), EMA and more.

The major drawback of this apps is that it cannot store your stocks. So, everytime you need to see the chart, you need to key in the ticker number. For Bursa Malaysia, type in TICKER.kl. The way to add stocks works like Stocks apps of the iPhone.

iPhone Apps for Financial and Global News

4. Bloomberg
Bloomberg Apps iPhone
Bloomberg is another very good apps. I give thumbs up for this apps. The news are up-to-date and the DJIA indices can update very fast. The best part of this apps is that we can edit the news we want to see in the news section.

For me, I add in all the business and investment related news to this apps.

5. CNNMoney
CNNMoney is a great apps to read news around the world. This apps can load very fast. The drawback of this apps is that the DJIA updates is slow. So, I use Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance to see the DJIA information.

I like the color of the icon of this apps. The blue color looks good.

6. Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo!Finance Apps iPhone
Yahoo! Finance apps is a very good apps to complement Bloomberg and CNNMoney apps. I like the user interface and all the news and quotes can update fast too.

The user interface is great because you can adjust the size of the widgets to display graphs and quotes.

7. The Edge
TheEdge Apps iPhone
The Edge is an apps for Malaysian stocks investors to read news for public listed companies. The Edge is good to read news about major projects acquired by public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia. Some of you might like to speculate those stocks that have good news.

8. NST Mobile
NST Mobile Apps iPhone
NST Mobile is a great apps to complement The Edge. News Strait Time business section has some information to read through though.

9. TheStarMobile
TheStar Mobile Apps iPhone
TheStarMobile apps also has a business section. This section is good to read about stocks as well.

10. NextViewKL
NextViewKL Apps iPhone
NextViewKL is a good apps to use but you need to have an account with NextView. The news section has a lot of information about the announcement of Bursa Malaysia.

iPhone AppStore Paid Apps

ChartsLive - Stock Charts
ChartsLive - Stock Charts Apps iPhone
This apps s created by Turing Studios. Personally, I have not buy and try this apps. I think that this wold  be a very powerful apps. The price is $0.99 only. I am not sure whether this apps can support Bursa Malaysia or not. If you have this apps, please leave some comments about it.



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