Sunday, November 18, 2012

Momentum Acceleration Point Stock to Watch : AXIATA

After a big drop due to US presidential election, fiscal cliff issue and investors pull out money during year end , AXIATA shows some sign of momentum acceleration point. (Criteria of Momentum Acceleration Point). I think AXIATA is ready to move higher.

Check out the graph in this article to see what I think.

The above graph is AXIATA graph with Momentum Acceleration Point indicators. From the graph,we can see that ADX, W%R and Stochastics are moving upward. It shows a sign of uptrend. Then,the price of AXIATA has slowly moving away from the lower band of Bollinger Band. This means it is now slowly regain  power to stop the downtrend. Although Parabolic SAR has not show Green Light, but if you are aggressive, you can start buying some stocks of AXIATA and wait for it to move higher.

I am going to monitor AXIATA for the next few days.


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