Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stock to Trade Momentum Acceleration Point: FAVCO

I found one good stock that match our criteria for Momentum Acceleration Point trading technique, the stock is FAVCO (Bursa Malaysia). Well, please check the graph below to see the Stochastics %K and Williams %R for FAVCO, it is time to buy and hold to wait for the price to cross over Bollinger Band middle band.

The above picture shows that the Stochastics %K and William %R is going up into the positive region. With the price touching lower band of Bollinger Band and now in the ranging region, it is most likely to move up in price. One of the risk to take here is that the Bollinger Band is trending down, showing a downtrend, so it is one of the risk to take here.

I am buying and holding FAVCO to wait for the price movement. I belief it will show some results in the next few days. Do you want to join the trend?



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