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Choosing Your Degree Course

Well, this blog post will be a bit out of finance and money but it in fact indirectly related to your future and the amount of money you can make in the future. Personally, I have problems getting guides and helps about the degree course t take during my time to choose the degree I want. So, I write this blog post to help those of you having problems deciding what you degree course you want to choose. I must talk about this.

The following section of this blog post will be a guidance for you to choose your future path. I hope it helps.

Follow the voice of your heart
There will always be a small voice in your heart. It will tell you what you want to do. But often times, we will ignore the voice and follow our logical thinking. For me, following what our brain tells us to do is a post-processed decision. It means that you are altering your true self and make yourself believe in something you do not truly believe in.

When this happen, you normally will give yourself a lot of reasoning. Some of the reasons you will give yourself:
1. Well, this course I choose (not what your heart truly tells you) can be a very good course for my future in terms of earning money and other people will look high on me if I choose this course.
2. A lot of people say that this course has bright future. All my friends are going, why not? It shouldn't be wrong if everyone is choosing it.
3. My parents want me to choose this course.

I think that the 3 reason above is good enough to explain what reasons you give yourself. Maybe you got other reasons for yourself and that means you are not facing your real self.

I do not know what I want to do in the future
This is another common problem of most of us. This happens because you lack exposure to the world outside of school. You do not experience enough and so you do not really know what you can do and what you want to do in the future.

So, it means that you are lost and you do not know what degree course to choose. I give you an example of how a person found what he/she want to do in the future:

A student work as part timer at an ice cream shop can learn more experience in the job and then he/she can know whether he/she likes to work in the customer service and food and beverage industry.

This is important exposure because he/she can gain knowledge whether he/she likes to be in that industry. If not, then he/she can decide to choose other industry such as engineering, education etc

It is always best to involve yourself in the industry during your school time if you think you will choose as that course of that industry as your degree. This can give yourself a better understanding about the job you will take if you take the degree course.

Shock of your life in the working environment
A lot of people end up in the degree course that he/she does not like. They can continue to study the course and a lot of them can get good grades but when they start to join the workforce, they find it hard for them to do their work properly because they do not like it, it is not what they are passionate about.

Most of them get a shock of their life when they join the workforce. They do not like the nature of the job and they don't even love what they do. So, it is crucial to know more about what you are going to take as your degree course. Follow your heart because it tells you what you really want.

Is Money the main aim to choose degree course?
The answer is "No". A lot of people choose certain degree because the salary is big. But bear in mind, if you don't like the job, you will end up resigning and leaving the job. You get no salary at all if that really happens. So, I strongly advice you not to look at money but listen to your heart.

Choose the course you like most - design, music, art, photography or anything you love. You will love it and it will push you higher to gain greater achievement!

Courses and Explanation:
Electrical Engineering:
Course Information: Learn all about electrical system, power system and design.
Opportunities: Renewable energy.
Job Nature: Site visit, work at site, doing electrical system design in office (Design for house, buildings, power grid etc.)

Electronics Engineering:
Course Information: Learn all about electronics design and construction of electronics devices. It is more to how the chips or IC is built and the architecture of the chips and IC.
Opportunities: Factory job mainly in manufacturing.
Job Nature: Site visit, work at site, doing electrical system design in office (Design for house, buildings, power grid etc.)

Mechanical Engineering:
Course Information: Learn about metal (using CNC to build shapes such as round metal etc), mechanical parts such as robot arm movement, termodynamics (study on heat), fluid dynamic (study on fluid or liquid) and more.
Opportunities: Robotics
Job Nature: A lot of work opportunities such as factory job (manufacturing) work as equipment engineer to repair equipment (you most probably will need to repair machine such as using spanner and bolt, screws etc.), working at construction site (water piping, plumbing etc), consultant firm (doing design for piping, aircon, plumbing etc.) and more.

Interior Design:
Course Information: Learn to do design for house, shops etc. Cabinet design and other design. (I am not oo sure about this, anyone has more information can share in the comments.)
Opportunities: Design firm
Job Nature: Work at construction sites, do design in office, meet customers, events showcase and etc.

Course Information: Learn a lot in programming language, logical thinking for programming, web design, Artificial Inteligence (AI), software design, mobile phone system designs, application designs etc.
Opportunities: Mobile phones application, mobile phone system, tablet system etc.
Job Nature: Work in office in front of the computer and dealing with programming.

There are a lot more degree courses you can choose from. The ones I listed here are the most common preferred choices. If you find that you do not like the job nature, you will have to listen to your heart.



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