Friday, October 19, 2012

AXIATA Q3 Earnings Expectation

I have been doing research on AXIATA. I find that AXIATA has a trend in its earnings. For this year 2012, I am hoping that AXIATA will have the same earning trend based on the past records. If it is so, then the stock price will rise higher.

The AXIATA Earnings Table:

This is taken from my trading platform. Based on the above picture, we can see that Q1-Q4 of AXIATA performs at relative constant EPS. It means that AXIATA Q3 and Q4 for2012 is expected to perform within the range of EPS 6-8 cents.

Earnings Per Share Trend of AXIATA
Q1: 6-8cents
Q2: 6-8cents
Q3: 6-8cents
Q4: 6-8cents

With this expectation, I personally think that AXIATA will maintain the uptrend. So, the recommendation now will be BUY and HOLD for AXIATA.

Other possible important events That will trigger further uptrend are:

  • Apple iPhone 5 launching
  • Apple iPad Mini launching
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
With these events in place, I am expecting AXIATA will have good uptrend in the coming 2-3 months. 



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