Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dividend: TA Enterprise Bhd First & Final Dividend 2.5%

Recently, I found that there is an undervalued stock called TA Enterprise Bhd (Ticker symbol: TA) is going to give dividend. The dividend TA going to give is 2.5% First & Final Dividend. From some of the resources I found online, the Net Tangible Asset of TA Enterprise Bhd is around RM 1.45. The current price of TA is RM 0.67. This is a stock trading at more than 50% discount in which less people are aware of. So, I bought myself some shares of TA to take advantage of the dividend earning.

Net Tangible Asset (NTA)

Current Price

RM 1.45

RM 0.67

According to NTA, this stock is trading at 53.79% discount.

From the fundamental analysis point of view, this is a good stock to buy because the trading price is far below the Net Tangible Asset. If you have forgotten about Net Tangible Asset (NTA), it is the total asset divided by total number of shares, in other words, it means the real value per share.

Please continue reading for the dividend computation.

The above is the dividend declared by TA Enterprise Bhd including the Ex-date, payment date and lodgement date.

I am going to explain the dividend computation of TA First & Final Dividend 2.5% below:

Par Value 1.00
Dividend 2.5 %
Dividend per share 1.00 x 2.5% = RM 0.025 per share
Current price per share RM 0.67
Investment Return 0.025 / 0.67 x 100% = 3.73%

The above is the computation I made for my own reference and for sharing purpose, you can use it as reference but if you would like to invest in TA, please consult your broker, financial consultant and so on.

The calculation is calculated using Par value, in case you have forgotten about the calculation, please read here.

Overall, I feel that this is a good stock to invest because it is having large discount of more than 50% discount in price and it is going to give dividend soon.


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