Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rent VS Buy A Home

Everyone wish to own a home. But it is crucial to find out whether it is time for you to buy a house now or rent a house. The cash flow when deciding to buy a house is important for your personal finance because you would not want to get into deep financial problem after buying a house.

I found a video from YouTube which is quite good for simple explanation of renting and buying a house. It shows the cashflow for both cases (renting and buying a house). So, please take your time to watch the video and see whether your current financial status allow you to buy a house or just rent a house.

Whether you are now financially capable of buying a house or still financially incapable, I have found a simple approach to share with you to effectively reduce your burden of buying a house. Actually, there are some approaches we can take to effectively reduce the burden of buying and owning a house. For me, the approaches are REIT and passive income. You can take some time to read my previous on  Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) so that you will be more familiar with what I'm going to share with you soon in the coming posts.


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