Monday, July 21, 2008

Withdrawing PayPal Funds

I have some money in my PayPal account and I have withdrawn my money in PayPal account few minutes ago. Now, all I need to do is to wait 5 to 7 business days to get the money deposited into my Public VISA Electron Debit Card.

After receiving the money in my Public VISA Electron Debit Card, then I can go to local banks which support VISA card to get my money in cash. You could read about my articles on how to get an Public VISA Electron Debit Card and how to add the card to PayPal account.

I have some money in my PayPal account for quite a long time and today, I feel that it is time for me to with draw my money and get the real cash instead of looking at the numbers in my PayPal account. \

Look at the process to withdraw funds below:

1. Click on the withdraw funds tab and then you will see the page above.

2. After following some steps on the page, you will reach a page to notify your success to withdraw funds. Your funds will be placed in "Pending" transaction. Wait for 5 to 7 business day to get the money.

Stay tuned for my news about my first experience withdrawing my PayPal funds. In the mean time, you could read some of my posts I mentioned above.


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