Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the Quest of Saving [3182] GENTING

You might not know the meaning of [3182] GENTING in the title but I can say that some of you might know it. [3182] is the stock code of GENTING. This post will be about stock market investment.

I invested in GENTING few months ago and I got 500 units of GENTING at RM6.25 per share. 500 units at RM6.25 is RM3125.00 in total which is not a large investment as it is my first step and my start in the Bursa Malaysia.

Now, the stock price of GENTING is at RM5.35 per share, which means I will lose approximately RM450.00 if I sell GENTING now. So, I plan to rescue my investment in GENTING by Cost Averaging.

Define Cost Average:

Constantly buy in stock/mutual funds units at lower price to lower the cost per unit.

Power of Cost Averaging:

*1st Investment:

You bought AAA stock/mutual fund at: RM1.00

You bought a total of: 1000 units

You invested: 1000 units x RM1.00 = RM1000.00

*2nd Investment:

The price per unit is now at: RM0.50

You invested: RM1000.00 and Bought: 2000.00 units

You now have 3000 units at hand and invested RM2000.00.

Price per unit = RM2000/3000 units = RM0.6667 per unit.

The price per unit is now lower and when the price rise more than RM 0.6667 back to RM1.00, you could earn roughly 49.99%.

The Disadvantages:

You need to have extra money to use Cost Averaging techniques.

Now, I have prepared a sum of money to cost average the price of GENTING stock at hand. I am waiting for a chance and a golden opportunity to get GENTING at the price lower than RM5.00 per unit.

If price of stock of GENTING successfully reach RM5.00 or lower, then I will invest and wait for the price to rise to make money.

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