Friday, July 18, 2008

How to Make [Real] Money using Facebook

Yesterday is a terrible day for me, I couldn't go online because the whole neighborhood including my house was blackout whole day. So, I can't update my blog. Luckily, today, the electric is back and I am able to online again.

I visited Facebook and check some the current happenings of my friends. I came across a special application in Facebook that allow Facebook users to earn points, exchange points for money and exchange points for iPhones and some other products.

The special application is called UrTurn. You could get points by inviting friends to join, for each friend that join, you could get 10 points but we could only send 12 invitations which is quite a limitation. Anyway, I hope some of my friends can join and hopefully I could get my iPhone.

I think that it is quite fun and I hope to make some extra income using it. You can try to use UrTurn too. It is a good applications of Facebook. You can get your iPhone at Facebook too.

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