Monday, July 7, 2008

How-to: 5 Less Known Tips to Increase AdSense Earnings

When we start to place AdSense Ads on our site, we are starting to try to make money from our site. The start is often the hardest time and making money from Google AdSense requires some tips and tricks to help you success in AdSense.

I have 5 tips to share. I am sure it will be a lot different from those tips your read from internet. These 5 tips are less known by AdSense Publishers.

The 5 tips I am going to share in the later part of this post will be some tips from profesional AdSense Pubishers. So, I am sure it will work like wonder and help you make money faster from Google AdSense.

Less Known AdSense Tips #1:

AdSense Policies doesn't allow us to place images next to(up, down, left and right) AdSense Ads. One of the way we could make this possible is to add "Image Only" AdSense Ads next to your "Text Only" AdSense Ads. You could use image banners from other affiliate sites next to AdSense Ads too.

You could easily improve the click through rate of your AdSense Ads and of course make more money.

Less Known AdSense Tips #2:

More white space around the AdSense Ads is helping the AdSense Ads performing much more better. A lot of Pro-AdSense Publishers are having a wide white space around AdSense Ads. This is mainly because white space can help to make AdSense Ads more appealing and get more clicks.

Less Known AdSense Tips #3:

AdSense Publishers prefer using "Text Only" AdSense Ads on their site and totally neglect and forgot about Image AdSense Ads. A lot of internet users are already blinded by "Text Only" AdSense Ads and no one will click on "Text Only" AdSense Ads at all.

So, why not give Image AdSense Ads a chance to perform on your site? I am sure you can get some clicks from users. Text Only AdSense VS Image Only AdSense.

Less Known AdSense Tips #4:

Changing and testing AdSense Ads on your site is task that you need to try out yourself. You will need to find the best performing AdSense Ads on your site. You need to know that another sites are successful with the AdSense Ads format and placement on their sites do not mean that the same Ads format and placement will work on your site. Do not place AdSense Ads like this.

Less Known AdSense Tips #5:

"Less is More!". Using less AdSense Ads unit on your site will result in the best earning per click. The more AdSense Ads on your site will result in more lower bid advertisements to appear in those AdSense Ads units. Thus, you will make less money. So, try to use less AdSense Unit on your site, in return, you will make more from Google AdSense.

That is all the 5 Less Know AdSense tips. The most important thing to make the most money from Google AdSense is to get a lot of targeted traffic to your site, without traffic, these 5 tips will not work their best.

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EdWiN said...

Can u teach me how to blend my adsense ads into my content??

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