Saturday, July 5, 2008

eBlog Entrepreneur: Free Blogger's Template [Misty Grass.xml]

I will be giving away freebies on my blog. Some of the freebies are money prizes, free e-books, free icons, free logos and free blogger templates. I am going to create all of these free stuff myself and I am sure that you can only get it on my blog unless there are other blogs linking my blog.

Today, the first freebie will be free blogger template which I have created using about 1 day. I hope you will like it.

You could see the design of blogger template I created at the picture below. If you like it, you could download it using the link and follow the step-by-step instruction to install new blogger's template to your blog.

>>Download Misty Grass<<

Notice: Please "Right-click" and "Save Link As..." to download Misty Grass. This blogger templates are suitable for all blogs of and the blogger template is in the xml format.

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enter said...

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Reynold Hugh said...

Keep the Good Work Up!
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