Saturday, July 12, 2008

Draw Clouds and Sun using Photoshop

Drawing using computer is never an easy task and most of the time, we rather use paper and pencil to draw then using computer to draw. The Adobe Photoshop has made our life easier to draw using computer no matter your computer runs on Mac or Windows.

In this post, I will teach you how to draw clouds and sun using photoshop.

Part 1: Clouds:

Click to see the picture in step-by-step

1. Start with "File">>"New">>Width: 1024px and Height: 768px.

2. Draw circles and make them overlap each others to form the shape of cloud. You can see the the cloud I created in the picture.

3. Now, hold "CTRL" and then use your mouse to select all the layers of circles like the picture above. After selecting, "Right Click">>"Merge Layers".

4. After merge, you will see all the layers are combined into 1 layer. Use the circle tool, "Right Click">>"Blending Options..."

5. In "Blending Options...", select "Gradient Overlay">>"Reverse". Click "OK". Make sure you select the "Black and White" gradient.

6. Now, you have completed the first cloud.

Click to see the picture in step-by-step

7. Right Click on the layer and click "Duplicate Layer". You have duplicated the cloud layer.

8. Use the "Move tool" to move the duplicated clouds so that you can see 2 clouds.

9. After moving the duplicated cloud layer, you will have 2 clouds on your workspace.

Part 2: The Sun:

Click to see the picture in step-by-step

1. Select the "Circle tool" again and change the fill color to "Yellow".

2. Draw the Sun using the "Circle tool" and you will have the picture above.

3. Move the layers of "Clouds" above the "Sun" layer. In my case, my "Clouds" layers are "Shape 12" and "Shape 12" copy while my "Sun" layer is "Shape 13". Yours might be different.

4. After moving the layers, you will have the picture above and congrats, you have completed the "Clouds and Sun" photoshop tutorial.

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