Sunday, July 13, 2008

5 Tips to Optimize AdSense for Search

Whether some of you have implemented the AdSense for Search on your site or you are on the verge to get started with AdSense for Search on your site, these 5 tips to optimize AdSense for Search on your site will give you some idea to make your AdSense for Search useful for your site user.

Tips #1:

Place the AdSense for Search box at the visible places. You need to place the Adsense for Search box at easy to find location such as below your site's header, after your posts, at the sidebar, in the navigation bar and so on. You need to make sure that your search box are placed at the same location on all your pages because it will help your site users to find the search box and look for information easily.

Tips #2:

COnsider adding 2 search boxes on content rich pages. If you have pages that are having long post and require scrolling down a lot, then you could put 2 AdSense for Search on those pages. This will help your reader to easily find the search box and navigate your site. Tips #3

Host the AdSense for Search on your site. This means that you can create the result pages and ads on your site. The result page will have the same template as your site and if users can't find the thing in the search results, they can still navigate to other section of your site. Tips #4

You could add a search box within the result page that you host on your site. This will give an advantage when users are trying to search for other stuff. Users can use the search box on the result page to search easily. Tips #5

Customize the Ads placement on the result page. You could place the AdSense Ads on the top and right sidebar of the result page which will be great place to get more clicks and make more money.

That is all the 5 tips to optimize AdSense for Search on your site. I hope it will be useful and help you boost your AdSense earning.

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