Sunday, June 29, 2008

Which AdSense Ads Formats Make More Money

I have been using AdSense on my blogs for quite a long period of time. I started making money from my blog in year 2006 and I have been using Google AdSense on my blogs to make money online.

From my experience using Google AdSense to make money online, I found some Ads Formats are performing really well to make more money using Google AdSense. I will talk further about AdSense Ads formats that perform really well to make money in later part of this post. By using those Ads formats, I think that you will be able to make money faster using Google AdSense on your site.

The AdSense Ads formats that are performing well to get more clicks and make money are large rectangle, medium rectangle and wide skyscraper. From my experiments, these are the AdSense Ads formats that helps me to make more money quicker and faster from Google AdSense.

I am going to explain the ads format one-by-one, I hope I could make it clear to you about the top performing AdSense ads formats I mentioned earlier.

The Top 3 AdSense Ads Formats to Make More Money Faster:

1. Large Rectangle:

Large Rectangle format is the 336x280 ads format. Basically, this format is performing the best and get the most clicks. By using this AdSense ads format, I am making more than $100.00 easily every month from my AdSense account without doing much things.

2. Wide Skyscraper:

Wide Skyscraper is the 160x600 ads format. This is a good AdSense ads format if you have 2 sidebars. You could use this format at the sidebar and I am sure it will help you in your AdSense performance. This format is best to get more clicks because it is quite long in shape. Your site users might find it useful when reading your posts and click on it to find out more.

3. Medium Rectangle:

Medium Rectangle format is the 300x250 ads format. This is basically an alternative to large rectangle ads format. If you are not having enough space to use the large rectangle ads format, then go for medium rectangle. This format perform quite well too.

If you are having trouble and hardly make money from Google AdSense. Then, you could try to swap your the AdSense ads formats using the ads formats I mentioned above. I am sure you will find them useful and powerful.

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Cloudsters said...

Have read someplace that, however good the format, you still have to switch the ads around because your readers become 'immune' to the presence of the ads after a while; juggling the ads around restores their awareness.

Am just parroting stuff; am far too new to blogging to be able to speak from experience.

Greenleaf said...

Thanks for your comments. I will update some new tips soon on your comments. :)

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