Sunday, June 22, 2008

What is AdSense Ad Review Center

Google AdSense new tools to for AdSense Publishers is called Ad Review Center. AdSense Ad Review Center allows Publishers to review the placement-targeted AdSense ads on their site. The Ad Review center provides AdSense Publishers more control and transparency for the placement-targeted AdSense ads on their site.

As an AdSense publisher, we can allow or reject the placement-targeted ads on our site offered by advertisers. By using Ad Review Center, AdSense publishers can allow, block and filter ads that they prefer to appear on their site. This gives better flexibility of AdSense Ads on their site.

What is Placement-targeted ads:

Placement-targeted ads are advertisements specially offered by advertisers to be placed on your site. Placement-targeted ads allow advertisers to choose the best placement for their ads on your site and as an AdSense publisher, you can use the Ad Review Center to approve or reject the placement.

By using placement-targeted ads on your site, advertisers will bid to place ads on your site only if they found that their ads are suitable for the interest of your site visitors.

Bear in mind that rejecting or blocking certain ads will require you to write reason to Google AdSense because Google Adsense need to know your reason as an feedback for advertisers to allow advertisers to have more insight, details and help them to adjust the quality of their ads so that their ads will appear on more sites.

Proper use of the Ad Review center can help you make more money from Google AdSense.

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