Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to Make $10000.00 and Invest to RM1Million

Life is short and we must live our life to the fullest. I make money online and my goal is to make USD$10000.00 online. I am targeting $10000.00 because it is an achievable goal.

I am making around $1000.00 in total in the world of blogging for 2 years. Now, I have $123.80 of Google AdSense cheque that will be cashed to my bank account soon and I have made $190.00 last month. This month I am going to make around $100.00.

In total: $290.00 will be going to my bank account soon.

So, making a total of $10000.00 online using blogging and other money making opportunities will be an easy goal to reach for me.

Once I made money, I will put all my money into the bank, stock market and mutual funds to let my money create more money for me.

Investing my money is an important part to make sure I reach the RM1Million goal. My target is to make $10,000.00 in total online which means I will have RM31,500.00 to invest.

By using proper investment techniques with compounding of 12%, I will reach my RM1Million within 30 years.

I will keep my hard work going and make more than one $10,000.00 within the 30 years. This will further increase my speed to reach the RM1Million goal.

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