Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to Use AdSense Account to Find out Keywords People use to Find Your Blog or Website

We are all using Google AdSense on our site or blog to make money and most of us will not only use the AdSense for Content. Most of us will include the AdSense for Search on our site or blog to make more money. As for the AdSense for Referral, I am not really keen using it because it seldom creates income opportunities on my blog so I only use one referral button of Google Pack on my blog, you can see it at the lowest part of the sidebar.

If you are using AdSense for Search on your site or blog, then you can use Google AdSense account to find out what keywords that your visitors are using to search your site or blog. It would be a great advantage for you to know what are the keywords that your site or blog visitors are using to search your site or blog because you can create relevant posts to serve your visitors.

All you need to do is to login your AdSense account and the go to the "Advanced Reports" tab. Then, choose "AdSense for Search" by using the drop down menu of "Choose product". Then, choose the "Top Queries" because this option will show you the Top Searched Keywords on your site or blog. Then, specify the date ranges.

Finally, click on "Display Report". You will be able to see all the Top Keywords searched by your site or blog visitors.

So, use the keywords detail to your advantage and create contents relevant to your visitors. It is important to do so because you can actually make more money from the contents that your visitors are searching for.

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