Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to Optimize AdSense Performance on Your Site

I am one of the constant readers of AdSense Blog. AdSense blog is an official blog by Google AdSense Team and the site will have constant update about Google AdSense policies. It is good to read about Google AdSense on the official AdSense blog but if you need to find more about optimizing Google AdSense on your site, then you will need even more resources from other sites.

Today, AdSense blog is showing 5 steps to optimize AdSense on our site and it is in video. You could have a look at the video to learn some ways to make more money from Google AdSense on your blog.

You will need to test the ads formats on your site using different channels to track the performance of ads on your site. You will need to choose the best performing ads formats for your site and this will make your AdSense perform much more better than before.

Invest some time to look at the video below and learn some skills from the AdSense Team members.

I think it will be quite good to learn more about Google AdSense. So, watch the AdSense Video below:

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