Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to Make Googlebot Crawl Your Blog Fastest Every time You Update Your Blog

I know that it is quite problematic every time you update your blog but Google takes sometime to crawl your blog and indexed your blog. You might have tried to search for your newest blog post using Google and you can't find it. I know it is a bad feeling and sometimes it is frustrating and discouraging.

You could try to update your blog and search for the title of your post in Google, you might not find it in the search results. I have found a good way to make Google bot crawl your blog faster and fastest, you new post will be indexed by Google in no time.

The way you can make Google bot to crawl your blog within seconds is to use the Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools is a good tool to help you improve the Google bot crawl rate to your blog. You can actually control the crawl rate using Google Webmaster Tools.

If you have an Google Account, you can login to your Google Webmaster Tools. Just add in your blog address and then add an sitemap for your blog. Adding Sitemap can help Google bot to index your blog faster and it is very fast.

You can see that my blog is at the #1 position of Google search result. Before I add sitemap for eBlog Entrepreneur, my blog never appear in the search results. It is truly amazing.

So, go to Google Webmaster Tools to add your blog and add sitemap to make Googlebot crawl your blog at the speed of light.

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