Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to Change Bullets of Blogger Sidebar to the Icon You Like

Last night, I was playing around with my blog design. I was trying to change the bullets of the link list in my blog's sidebar. I tried to search in Google and Yahoo but I couldn't find any answer to guide me to change the link list bullets of the sidebar. So, I write this post in case some bloggers are trying to change the sidebar link list bullets and they will be able to find the answer.

I tried changing the HTML codes of my blog and do some testings. I tried here and there but it was not working.

I tried and tried for almost 2 hours and finally, I managed to change the link list bullets into my own bullets.

Just follow some of the steps below and I am sure you will be able to change your sidebar link list bullets to your own bullets.

Step 1:

You need to go to "edit HTML" of your blog and then find the code below:

Step 2:

When you have found the code above, replace the "list-style" or add the line below to the code:

Change the "LINK of your Bullet Image Here" to the URL of your bullet.

Now, click on "Save template" and your blog will now show the bullets of your choice.

Note: Not all blogger template will have the code in Step 1. Different blogger's template will have different code for the sidebar. So, try to find the sidebar HTML code and make changes accordingly.

You could read how to learn how to change blogger favicon too.

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molly said...

I have a Tag for you! Let travel the world and have fun together!
Have a wonderful day!

Navi Arora said...

Thank you very much friend....
It works on my Musicohlic blog !

Tom said...

hey, can anyone help me, I tried this method, and the bullets show up fine in IE, but not Firefox...

any ideas?

Mindy said...

Thanks for the help!

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