Friday, June 20, 2008

How to Change Blogger Favicon

Favicon is the small icon that appears beside your blog address and if you are using, then the default favicon will be . Actually, we can change the favicon of our blog. I tried to change my blog's favicon but I still feel that the default blogger favicon is beautiful. Anyway, if you feel that you want to change the favicon of your blog, you can follow some of the steps that will be discussed in the later part of this post. Changing the favicon of your blog is quite simple and it is very easy to implement. So, read on and learn how to change your blog's favicon.

In order to make it simple and easy to understand, I will write the process to change the blogger's favicon in sequence.

Changing Favicon Step-by-step:

1. Find a picture that you would like to use as your favicon.

2. Then, you need to upload it to image hosting sites such as Photobucket or you can upload it to your blogger account.

If you upload your image to Blogger, then the code might look like code below:

Click the image to have a larger view.

You only need to copy the red colored link and then paste it according to step 3.

3. Copy the code below and change the "URL of the Image You Like" to the link of your image.

4. After changing the code above, paste the code into your Blogger's HTML Template and make sure you paste it after the section. 5. After everything is completed, your blog's HTML code will look like the code below:

6. Click on "Save template" and then go to view your blog. You will find that your blog's new favicon is showing next to your blog's address. It might take sometime for you to get familiar with the instruction above but I am sure you will be able to do it.

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