Sunday, June 22, 2008

Applying Public VISA Electron Debit Card

After PayPal announced that International users can use credit card and debit card with Visa or Mastercard certified to withdraw PayPal funds, a lot of PayPal users are getting their credit card or debit card at the bank. The case in Malaysia is the same as I see a lot of Malaysian bloggers and Malaysian online entrepreneurs are going to Public Bank to get their cards. I am one of them applying debit card in Public Bank.

2 weeks ago, I went to Public Bank and applied for my Public Visa Electron Debit card. Now, it is almost 3 weeks and yet I didn't received my debit card. I paid RM25.00 and I request for "Urgent Need" as instructed by the bank officer, yet no news about my debit card. So, I have to wait for it, maybe for 1 or 2 weeks time.

What is Public VISA Electron debit card:

Debit card is a type of card where you need to transfer money into the card and then you can use it to buy stuff online and buy stuff anywhere around the world as long as the shop are VISA certified.

When your VISA debit card reaches RM25.00, you can't use it to but stuff anymore and you need to transfer more money into it to use it. The minimum money you need in the debit card is RM25.00.

Why I need VISA Electron debit card:

I seldom shop online but I will definitely try to buy something online soon. I need it because I want to transfer my PayPal funds and get the real cash in Malaysia. I can use the debit card and get my money at the ATM machines.

Why I Choose Electron debit card, not credit card:

I am still a student and I don't have monthly income, so I can't apply for credit card. Personally, I would not go for credit card because it is a bad financial tool. I go for debit card because I can use it to make money online.

Using debit card is totally different from credit card, as I mentioned earlier, we need to have money in the debit card to purchase stuff. If we do not have money in it, then forget about spending money. A good way to control spending habit.

The annual fee for the Public VISA Electron Debit card is RM24.00 per year. So, I need to work hard online to at least make some money to cover the fee.

Now, I am going to have my Public VISA Electron Debit card soon, and I hope I can use it to make a lot of money online soon.

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Askia.R said...

i got mine today n i have no idea how to activate it, deposit money into it and witdraw monet from it since i dont know the main password before i can change it to my personal password.I sure do need help :s

Greenleaf said...

Do not panic. You will get your password from Public Bank after around one month. It will be sent to your housing address.

Before you activate your card, you can't do anything. You need to wait for the statement or password to reach your house. :)

Askia.R said...

phew! i wish they could let me know instead of making me wait and figure out myself. thank you very much for letting me know :)

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