Monday, June 30, 2008

30 Reasons Why Your Blog Visitors and Users Click AdSense Ads

I find it interesting when I notice that sometimes, my AdSense Ads are getting clicks and make money while some other days, no clicks at all thus no earning on that day. So, I think there should be some reasons why users are clicking on AdSense Ads.

I am asking myself, if I am a user of a blog, why would I click on AdSense Ads on the blog I am reading? and I found out some reasons to answer my question.

I found that I am having 30 reasons why I am clicking AdSense Ads on blog I read and I think that it would be the 30 reasons why blog users are clicking AdSense Ads.

The 30 Reasons Blog Users, visitors and readers are Clicking AdSense Ads:

1. Because they are genuinely interested in the AdSense Ads.

2. Because the AdSense Ads looks attractive.

3. Because the title and description of AdSense Ads is challenging users.

4. Because the AdSense Ads are highly relevant to your blog contents.

5. Because users are finding for more information.

6. Because of accidental clicks.

7. Because they thought that AdSense Ads is a part of your posts.

8. Because users want to support you.

9. Because your blog has great contents.

10. Because your blog has a lot of targeted users.

11. Because users can see the AdSense Ads on your blog.

12. Because you place the AdSense Ads at the right place.

13. Because of the information the AdSense Ads are showing.

14. Because they think that your AdSense Ads deserve a click.

15. Because they want to sabotage you.

16. Because you are not using border for the AdSense Ads.

17. Because you are using the best ads format.

19. Because the color palettes of the AdSense Ads match your blog.

20. Because you blend the AdSense Ads.

21. Because you are using multiple AdSense Ads with a lot of text.

22. Because they thought that link unit AdSense Ads is your navigation menu.

23. Because it is AdSense Ads not other PPC advertisements.

24. Because you leave a question in your posts & they are trying to find the answer.

25. Because your blog has no other links to click on.

26. Because your blog doesn't have the information they are looking for.

27. Because they are tricked to click the AdSense Ads.

28. Because they want to leave your blog.

29. Because the AdSense Ads get their attention but your contents are not.

30. Because they never see the Ads before.

That is it, 30 reasons blog users, visitors and readers click on the AdSense Ads on your blog. Do you have any other reasons to add?

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Jayaprakash said...

Again your fan, Jayaprakash. I do it for you because I get great ideas as a starter in blogging life. You give ideas for others free. So they know how to compensate you. Simple

Greenleaf said...

Thanks. :)

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